Do we really know the origin of the products we consume? Are we aware of the effort put into bringing these products that we cherish so much to life? Do we know how to make the most of the time and know-how necessary for their production?

The environmental crisis that is going through our societies fundamentally questions the relationship between humans and nature. In an urbanized world with massively artificialized soils, what relationship do we maintain with the essence of the products which are dear to us and which punctuate our social times? The ecological imperative leads us to rethink the relationship we have with the products we consume. It also makes it necessary to design sustainable products and packaging.

This project is part of a process of learning and appreciating the product consumed. The objective is to include the consumer in the production effort by teaching him how to produce and maintain a vine. In the spirit of the Libera e Benemerita Associazione Amici del Barolo, it encourages a return to the slowness of both tasting and production. Likewise, in a sustainable and eco-responsible approach, all the components of the product are bio-based as well as biodegradable or recyclable.

The packaging is divided into two parts. The lower part, made of cork, forms the base of the bottle. It will become a pot in which the upper part, made up of dehydrated soil, will nestle.
Like the earth, each bottle is unique.